Wednesday, 7 May 2014


In the last two weeks, Daisy has figured out what I'm asking her to do at agility. The change has been quite remarkable - I don't think it's anything I'm doing (possibly my confidence has increased?) but she has suddenly developed the understanding that I'm asking her to work away from me and go over the jumps, rather than run next to me and clear the jumps because they're in her way. This has had a few effects:
  • she has stopped running back to me and jumping up to mouth my arm, which only ever occurs at training and I assumed meant she didn't understand and was getting frustrated;
  • we are starting to get just a little bit of fluidity in sequences, as she has begun to look ahead to the next jump rather than leaping all over me for reassurance and;
  • everything is happening much, MUCH faster. I need to get my sprint fitness up to speed! I think we probably need to begin to think more about distance work as well, so that I'm not the speed limiting factor for her.
Anyway, after last night's session, where she was (mostly) both accurate and quick we have been promoted out of the absolute beginners class. Yeah, go us!!

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