Thursday, 8 May 2014

Looking Pretty

Daisy is a smooth-coated girl, so grooming is generally pretty cursory and more to do with getting the mud off than it is sorting out matts and tangles. She does have a few areas of longer hair - she has a fluffy tail and feathery legs, and lovely, soft, longer hair behind her ears but I tend to ignore them for the most part. However, even for a short-coated dog, she is leaving a colossal amount of hair all over my house at the moment, so yesterday was her first introduction to being brushed in an attempt to get the worst of it off the dog and onto the brush, rather than off the dog and onto my carpet, sofa, clothes....

Initial meeting between dog and brush didn't go so well:

but she figured out pretty quickly that grooming is nice, and lay sprawled out on the floor with her eyes closed while I brushed her.

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