About the mad collies and me

I'm the proud owner of two mad dogs - one a border collie, and the other a mostly border collie. We do obedience, agility, canicross, bikejor, scentwork and the Good Citizen Dog Scheme together. Not all at the same time, and I'm usually only working one dog at once, but it means I spend a lot of my life with my dogs.

Meet Daisy and Cybi. Both rescue dogs, both as mad as a box of frogs, both beautiful and awesome. I can bore for Britain about how much I love these guys, but I try not to.


I spend large chunks of my life on the lookout for good products to buy for my dogs, and about as much time analysing which thing might be the best to buy as I do actually buying them. I thought it might help other people who are in the same situation if I wrote about some of the products I've looked at, and why I've gone for them or not.

I've included links here - be warned, some of them are affiliate links. While this blog is primarily because I like the sound of my own voice (typing?), I'd love it if the hosting paid for itself. In the unlikely event anyone ever gives me a product for free to review, or pays me to promote something I will 1. be absolutely thrilled and 2. disclose this fact on the relevant post.

Update #1: Meet Merlin. Accidentally acquired him when his owner sadly passed. Great big doofus of a yellow Kelpie; did not inherit the brains his breed are supposedly born with. Actually looked a lot like a Labrador when he turned up, but we did some work on getting him fit. He's my main canicross dog at the moment.

Update #2: This is Royce. Accidentally acquired Royce as his previous owner couldn't keep him after a divorce. Royce was bred to be a sled dog, and so far is having a lovely time with learning to live in a house, and trying canicross and bikejor


  1. Nice to see another Brit dog blogging.I have bulldogs which aren't as mad as a box of frogs but probably just as stupid

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Do you still count as a Brit if you're braving the wilds of LA?
      I've never really considered the stupidity quotient of a box of frogs. I shall have to ponder this further... :)

  2. Hey Sarah! Happy Tuesday! I'm Bets from Sweet. Dog. Life. and I saw you on BlogPaws. I wanted to stop by and say hi! I have a rescue Border Collie as well and he is the best dog ever! What a great breed! Looking forward to reading more! :)

  3. Hi Bets! Thanks for stopping by. Collies are just the best...except on days like today when the weather is truly horrendous and they desperately need to go burn off some energy before they destroy the entire house!