Thursday, 29 May 2014

Crazy collies bouncing off the walls

The weather here has been fairly unspeakable for the last week or so, and so it's been even harder than usual to drag myself out of bed to take Daisy out. Consequently, she has been somewhat underwalked, and I have been wracking my brains to come up with anything to keep her amused while we are stuck inside together - it's amazingly hard to work when your dog is practicing her cornering on the kitchen floor, and experimenting with missing some or all of the stairs on the way up and down during laps of the house.
On the slight plus side, she has developed a fixation with tennis balls, so at least I can keep her somewhat amused by chucking a ball for her at the same time as trying to work.. (This is not without its drawbacks, as I don't really look where I'm throwing it - there have been some near misses on the windows, furnishings, pot plats etc etc).
And I have been working on the creativity for Kong-filling recipes to keep her amused. My ideas mostly involve treats with melted cheese, peanut butter or pate stuffed in as a kind of glue, though there's some pretty impressive Kong-recipe creation out there - see here and here for a few ideas. I might try freezing one next - at the moment it doesn't tend to keep her occupied for that long before she has emptied it, so maybe a solid version might do the trick. She has already destroyed her puppy kong, but the red version seems to be bearing up, so far...
Or, I might just take advantage of the break in the weather to get her out to burn off some of that energy. That's the trouble with crazy collies - they aren't really up for a quiet day inside!

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