Thursday, 2 July 2015

When it doesn't go to plan

I should probably start by saying it wasn't all bad, and the crazies and I had a lovely day out at a little local show outside Lincoln. But you know those days?

I have the worst sense of direction of anyone I have ever met. Seriously, I could get lost on a straight road with a GPS and a map. So having left loads of extra time to get to the show in time to settle the dogs and walk our first course I wasn't surprised (though was super frustrated) to get lost about 5 miles from the venue, and consequently show up as everyone else was finishing course walking. I got chance to have a quick sprint round it, so I had a vague idea where I was going, but it wan't the ideal prep. It was a shame really, as the show was lovely - aimed at babies and Grade 1 dogs, the ring was fenced and the courses were nice and flowing.

Anyway, we did the agility run, and Daisy was (predictably) a little hoodlum who picked her own course. Cybi was marginally better but got shouty with me because I was way too slow so he kept coming back to tell me I was too slow, have a bit of a bark and then run away again to find a jump to his satisfaction. So no places in that class.

In the other classes there were no eliminations as such, just 50 faults for what would be an elimination at a regular show. Daisy picked up two fourths (one in jumping, one in a special class) but the "bad dog at an agility show" award of the day has to go to Cybi (unusual as Daisy has made a clean sweep of this somewhat dubious honour so far) for his spectacular showing in the special class. Daisy got 5 faults (entirely my fault - I turned away from her too quickly as she went into the long jump, so she changed direction in mid air to come with me). Cybi racked up 189. Yep. 189 faults, including three eliminations, poles down, refusals and time faults. But he had fun...

Team Chaos redeemed themselves slightly doing a "fun obedience" class that I didn't know was going to be there, which was both novel and *absolutely brilliant*. The idea was to reward motivation and fun as well as accuracy in the obedience exercises, so the judge encouraged playing (and in fact had an exercise in the test that was just playing with your dog), as well as breaking off to reward during heelwork, lots of big circles rather than couldn't have been more perfect for both of my two if I'd been asked to design the class. So we worked two absolutely beautiful obedience rounds, which I was utterly delighted with, and as a bonus extra they placed 1st and 2nd, with Daisy coming out on top once again.

To round out the day, she also came 5th in the gundog scurry. So not a bad day on balance, albeit with some highlights and some definitely...not...