Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another pal for Daisy? AKA becoming a crazy dog lady phase II

It didn't work out with Jack, unfortunately. We went to see him several times, and while I thought he was lovely (and by the end he was beginning to interact with me) he just didn't want to know where Daisy was concerned. So while he would have been a great addition purely from the perspective of adding a cracking working dog to the tribe, ultimately I'm looking for a family member first and if the addition wants to engage its brain at some dog sport then so much the better. I've been a little bit wary of looking at any of the many collie rescue sites that I know about, because there are just SO many dogs that need homes, and they're all GORGEOUS. I'd end up hip deep in collies before I knew it - though to be honest the prospect of becoming a crazy dog lady is actually pretty appealing. I already have 8 rabbits (all rescues) so it's not like I'm not used to a house full of animals :o)

But then, one particular dog appeared in my facebook feed from one of the smaller rescues. He is a collie x kelpie and was rehomed as a pup, but recently returned to the rescue for being too boisterous around the kids. Apparently he has taken to herding behaviour and having the odd nip - nothing that's broken the skin, but enough to worry the parents. So he's looking for a new home. The pics of him didn't really do anything for me when he was a baby, but now he's a few months old he has turned into this lovely, gangly, leggy creature, with ears that have a mind of their own. I currently have my fingers very tightly crossed that he and Daisy get on, and he and I get on, and he can come and join us. He's being fostered an awfully long way from us though - about three hours from here in South Wales. It'll be a bit of an undertaking to get down there, but worth the trip to make sure it's worth proceeding with the rescue having to spend time on a home check.

Ever since I was much younger I've been on a mission to own a pure collie/sheepdog.  I still haven't managed it...and if this little guy joins the family I might as well just accept that my role in life is to have weird and wonderful collie crosses instead.

Scamp (this dog) is being fostered by Lily's Border Collie Lifeline. A few of the other groups doing awesome work on rescuing collies (and this is quite aside from the many wonderful groups that take in allcomers, including collies) whose websites I try hard not to look are at: Protecting Preloved Border ColliesValgraysBorder collies needing homes and Border Collie Trust GB.

And that's before you get into the heartbreaking ads that are so common on Gumtree and Preloved where someone is selling a 6-12 month old collie puppy because the landlord has told them they can't have a dog, or because they've realised that if you leave a pup alone all day every day it'll wreck the place, or because it turns out that the advice about not keeping a collie in a flat with no garden was sound...I try very hard to give folk the benefit of the doubt on rehoming, but sometimes it's hard to stay polite about their reasons.

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