Saturday, 26 April 2014

Jack...and Daisy's first wins

It's been an eventful few days in Daisyville! Thursday evening was our first intra-club obedience progress test. I think I found it a lot more stressful than she did (she got bored waiting for her turn) - many years ago I used to work a boxer/collie in obedience competitions and we won a large number of junior comps, plus a fair number of senior events. I'd made the mistake of mentioning this at the training club, and consequently (and probably unnecessarily) was really feeling the nerves before we did our round.
Once we were moving it was fine though - lost a few marks for over enthusiasm as she bounced up and down next to me during heelwork, and a few more when she crashed off my knees after coming in like a rocket on the recall. But at this stage in the game I'll take inaccuracy caused by trying too hard.

Anyway, once a couple of dogs at a similar standard to her broke their stay and she got through hers unscathed, we won! It's not exactly Test C, but it was still lovely to get even that little bit of recognition that we are on the right lines. And the trophy...I'm assuming it's from the olden days and has been repurposed, but seriously, you could kill someone with that thing. It weighs a ton!

Anyway, onto the weekend, and the discovery that a photo of Daisy as a pup won first prize in the "bonniest baby" category of an online photo show in aid of Battersea Dogs Home, organised by the fabulous Beau's Bakery. So our very first rosette coming our way by post next week, along with an order of treats from the bakery shop. (Cheese and marmite anyone? Sounds far too good to waste on dogs).

Then there was today's adventure. Daisy and I went for our third visit to see a fabulously amazing 16 month old collie called Jack. He is in rescue in Wellingborough, after his owners broke up and couldn't keep him. Kennel life isn't really working brilliantly for him, as he's really high drive and just wants a job to do and to make someone happy, but because he is so focused on working he doesn't want to play. And Daisy loves other dogs and only wants to play. So that's a little tricky. They are getting better together, but I'm sort of having to resign myself to the fact that it probably isn't going to work out enough that I can adopt him - because Daisy is a little on the insecure side, she ends up really subdued when she is ignored. And since her happy, bouncy nature is one of the lovely things about her, I don't want that squashing. I had hoped that she would draw Jack out of his shell a little, but it doesn't seem to be working that way so far. But I shall persevere a little longer in the hope that they will begin to interact a little more. We have made baby steps I suppose in that he initially warned her off completely, whereas now he just ignores her...
This is Jack. He has amazing ears that go from flat to fully pricked up and everywhere in between

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