Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Marmite and Cheese Breadsticks

As mentioned previously, a photo of my pup won the "prettiest puppy" class in an online competition run in aid of Battersea Dog's Home by Beau's Bakery. As a "well done" to her (not that she did anything except look super cute) I also bought a hamper of the Bakery's home-made doggie treats (again, all profit from which go to Battersea).

She sat to have photos taken...for a while...before concluding that this hamper was too good not to sample:

In addition to the hamper, I bought a pack of cheese and marmite sticks. Opened them first when the box arrived, and Daisy and I sampled one each (the treats are all advertised as being taste-tested by humans as well as dogs, so I was only verifying the veracity of that statement...honest!) First impressions: these are FAR too good to waste on little dogs. So she can have some of the other packs, which I'm quite prepared to believe are delicious but don't feel the urge to try (sardines and liver are really not my thing) but I'm confiscating the cheese and marmite ones.

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