Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Radnor Forest

Daisy and I are spending part of the Easter weekend with a relative who lives in darkest Wales. It's actually rather lovely - though I'm woefully underprepared for spending time in Wales, as I've forgotten a waterproof jacket. But so far, we  haven't been rained on.
Today we headed out into Radnor Forest for a long walk. We only saw one other dog in three hours - the rather fabulous Bear. Bear is the biggest and friendliest Rottie ever, and he and Daisy charged around for a bit, until his owners sensibly got a little concerned that my little terror was leading him astray by crashing about in the undergrowth so we parted ways.

We attempted to follow a marked path, though this got quite tricky at intervals due to forestry clearance (bottom photo - the post in the foreground is a way-marker!) But we got back to the car eventually, which given my sense of direction was no mean feat.

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